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Cold Chain Group


Cold Chain Group
The Cold Chain Group is an academic research center established under the Institute of Food Safety and Risk Management, National Taiwan Ocean University, that seeks to answer pressing questions about the design and management of food cold chain and logistical networks. This group is established to inform communities, government and the private sector on key issues that will enable them to make better decisions for their supply chains and logistics.

Our expertise

Key areas of research focus include supply chain strategy, agri- and seafood supply chains, supply chain traceability, urban logistics, talent and capability and disruptive technologies. Our projects extend beyond Taiwan, with special emphasis on the Asia Pacific region.

The group provides consultation, education, and network-building.

We offer a master and doctoral program in food cold chain and logistics.
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Recent publication by the member of the group*

Ndraha, N., H. I. Hsiao. (2019). Exposure Assessment and Sensitivity Ana...

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Institute of Food Safety and Risk Management
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