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Course information

【Main course】

The courses of Institute mainly based on the construction of food safety supply chain, leading students to enter the field of food safety and health risk management research, so through we arrange the courses such as Seminar, Food Safety Supply Chain and Health Risk Assessment. These courses will enable students to understand the situation and the development of academic research in the relevant fields.

【Professional Courses】

The professional courses are specialized in food safety and risk management. The courses include Advanced Food Chemistry, Novel Food Processing, Risk Exposure Assessment and Communication, Toxicology, Public Health, Food Analysis and Inspection, Mass Spectrometry, Food Hygiene and Industry Management, and Food Regulations. The students of this institute can flexibly select elective courses for Master and PhD programs in food science institute.

【Cross-domain courses】

The cross-domain program is mainly related to the postgraduate thesis topics and practice-oriented teaching strategies, including the Traceability, Intelligent Technology, Transportation Logistics Engineering, and Applied Big Data in Food Management. These are for developing professional cross-disciplinary food safety and risk management talent.

【Professional courses in Food Science Institute】

Professional courses offered by the Department of Food Science Institute in the University are also available for master students, such as Food Safety Management System-ISO22000, Food Industry Innovation Special Practice, Food Industry Investment, Food Hazard Analysis Practice, Risk Assessment Practice, and Advanced Toxicology (I).