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Institute of Food Safety and Risk Management

The Institute of Food Safety and Risk Management established in 2017 aims to integrate the knowledge of food-related areas and industry-government-academia resources, eventually improve national health and welfare. The purpose is to build a research center of food safety education and risk management in the north of Taiwan and develop a communication channel between food safety and risk management.

The Institute of Food Safety and Risk Management covers a wide range of subjects including food processing, food nutrition, food chemistry, food analysis and inspection, toxicology, public health, health risk management and communication, aquaculture, engineering of transport and logistics, big data, international and domestic food regulations and management. The institute focuses on solving and prevention of food safety issues in varying degrees from the perspective of food supply chain.

The 11 faculty members (2 professors, 8 cross-appointed professors, and 1 adjunct professor) teach and conduct multidisciplinary research (marine biology, aquaculture, logistics computer engineering, transportation engineering, life and ecology engineering, food safety, functional food engineering, food inspection, system integration and management, food safety law and policy), integrating related information and techniques with an international view. In order to make students more competitive and contribute to the society, the objective is to educate students with the ability to conduct research and apply acquired skills and knowledge by practical training and public-service experiences.