Recent publication by the member of the group*

Ndraha, N., H. I. Hsiao. (2019). Exposure Assessment and Sensitivity Analysis for Chilled Shrimp during Distribution: A Case Study of the Home-Delivery Services in Taiwan, Journal of Food Science, 84(4): 859-870 (SCI, impact factor 2.018, 54/133 (40%)).

Chen, Y. R., C. A. Hwang, L. Huang, V. C.H. Wu, H. I. Hsiao. (2019). Kinetic analysis and dynamic prediction of growth of vibrio parahaemolyticus in raw white shrimp at refrigerated and abuse temperatures, Food Control, 100:204-211 (Impact factor 3.496, 12/130 (9.2%)).

Ndraha, N., W. C. Sung, H. I. Hsiao. (2019). Evaluation of the cold chain management options to preserve the shelf life of frozen shrimps: A case study in the home delivery services in Taiwan, Journal of Food Engineering, 242: 21-30 (SCI, Impact factor 3.197, 23/133, 17%).

Ndraha, N., H. I. Hsiao*, J. Vlajic, M. F. Yang, H. T. V. Lin. (2018). Time-temperature abuse in the food cold chain: Review of issues, challenges, and recommendations. Food Control, 89: 12-21. (Impact factor 3.496, 12/130 (9.2%)).

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